The woman behind it all...

Gio Brassens, owner/operator of Gio Creative, is an award winning Graphic Designer whose experience is backed by over 20 years in the industry. Gio has applied her creative thinking and management skills to a wide range of clients.

Gio's skills go beyond design; she manages each project with detail, working in an organized and efficient style while building lasting working relationships with clients. Meeting deadlines, staying within budget and delivering a product that completely satisfies the client is how success is measured.

When and where she can, Gio has given back to the community by doing what she does best, design. Offering design services to help foundations, non-profit organizations, and local sports teams and schools to promote their fundraising efforts, along with many other events within the community.

Outside of work, Gio is just as dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and loves to get outdoors on her mountain bike, or running the trails. 

As well she is committed to getting in her gym time pushing some weights around. Gio is a big believer in a work-life balance along side her husband and 2 active boys.

Setting goals and being passionate about what you do is important to Gio, whether it is work related or for fun. Gio wholeheartedly commits to her efforts for optimal results.

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Gio Racing the 'Final' Test of Metal (2016) in Squamish, BC wearing the Coal City Cycle kit designed by Gio.


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